Native speakers in visual language offering creative direction and graphic design
What we do

Founded by Two is a design studio offering creative direction and graphic design. Together, we approach each project as a new story to tell, with the desire to develop bold visual languages and profound design solutions, continually adapting to the needs of the project. Our conceptual and visual process consists of a playful albeit critical research, incorporated into visual identities, websites, videos and brand concepts for clients in both the cultural and commercial sector.

Who we are

Founded by Two is based in Rotterdam and founded by Fabiola van den Berg and Sjors Rigters. We are two Dutch graphic designers who graduated in the summer of 2021 from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

Together, we have studied graphic design for 'sixteen years' and because of this we have become native speakers in visual language. While studying together we found out that we share the same passion for design and typography. In the end, we are two friends who started a studio together, who love playing chess and who experience love at first sight upon spotting beautifully designed publications.

Contact us

We offer our full attention and visual vocabulary to all your design questions or challenges. If you want more information about what we can offer or if you have specific questions about a collaboration with our design studio, feel free to contact us by phone or mail.

Founded by Two
Benthemstraat 30, 3032 AA, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Fabiola: (+31)6 4141 1115
Sjors: (+31)6 4413 2028

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